• Eric Bitz

    Eric Bitz

    Eric Bitz is a creater and owner of BuyNiceCards.com based out of the greater Pittsburgh, PA area.

  • Sam Cover

    Sam Cover

    Sam Cover Spokane Valley, WA. Renowned chef in Spokane, WA

  • Stephen Odzer

    Stephen Odzer

    Stephen Odzer is a current CEO and entrepreneur from the age of 18 years old. Currently in New York

  • Amber Marchese

    Amber Marchese

    Amber Marchese of RHNJ, Restaurant Steak out & Marriage Bootcamp fame seeks to inspire passion, healthy choices, informed decisions and the value of family.

  • Daniel Michael Hurt

    Daniel Michael Hurt

    Daniel Michael Hurt is a Maimi hurricane and Miami dolphins fan. Growing up watching star Quaterback Dan Marino lead the Miami Dolphins of the 80’s and 90

  • Irwin Tauber

    Irwin Tauber

    “Property developer Irwin Tauber is CEO of Taubco. Taubco is South Florida’s premier developer and manager of commercial real estate.

  • Robert Burrage

    Robert Burrage

    Robert W. Burrage, Founder and CEO of RWB Construction Management, Inc in West Palm Beach, FL

  • Ashish Bhandari Dubai

    Ashish Bhandari Dubai

    Ashish Bhandari, Dubai based, is an ex swiss private banker and was involved in wealth management / portfolio management for ultra high net worth clients.

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